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Golf Policies


Full Golf Members who join a Gold Club have access to all Gold and Platinum Clubs in Florida without a reciprocal fee (subject to availability). Gold Members have access to Prestige Clubs in Florida for a reciprocal fee which is subject to change.

 Prestige and Platinum Members have access to Prestige, Platinum and Gold Clubs in Florida without a reciprocal fee and subject to availability.

 Members are required to play 50% of their rounds at their Home Club.

 Reciprocal access to Canadian Clubs is subject to applicable rates and availability.


In order to protect Members’ access to tee times at their Home Club, each property will designate enough tee times for Home Club Members and their guests during peak times. Peak times may vary and are defined by the Home Club Members’ playing patterns.


Members may bring guests to join them for golf, subject to availability and applicable Member guest rates. Guests must be accompanied by a ClubLink Member at all times unless prior arrangements are made with the golf shop.


Please use this information as a reference and see the Golf Shop staff if you have any questions.

  • Always replace your divots and/or fill with sand and seed mix provided

  • Keep pace during your round

  • Be quiet when golfers are preparing to hit their shot

  • Always rake bunkers after use

  • Play `Ready Golf' but always be aware of fellow golfers' position around you

  • Respect on course signage and directions from Starters and Play Coordinators

  • Keep golf carts on the cart path by all tee and green areas.

  • Cart Path only on all Par'3.

  • Keep golf carts at least 30 feet from the front of the green.

  • Keep out of residents lawns denoted by white out of bound markers.

  • All closed and open golf courses are considered private property. No walking, fishing, dog walking, biking, jogging, etc., is allowed. No trespassing is allowed on any golf course property. Registered Golfers only.

Members must check in at the golf shop prior to using the golf amenities at any ClubLink Club, and must carry their membership card with them at all times. Members must present their membership card when making any purchases on their ClubLink account.


Members have 14-day advance booking privileges through LinkLine, our toll-free centralized tee time reservation call centre or LinkLine OnLine which is accessible through the Club website.


Non-weather related tee time cancellations are required no less than 24 hours prior to play. To cancel a player or an entire tee time, Members are required to contact LinkLine at 800-273-5113. Members who do not cancel their scheduled tee time before 24 hours in advance are subject to a cancellation fee.


Appropriate golf attire must be worn at all times, both on the Golf Course and in the Clubhouse. Appropriate Golf Course attire includes: Collared golf shirts, mock-neck shirts, golf slacks or golf shorts. Shirts must be tucked in at all times unless the style of the shirt dictates otherwise. Caps can be worn with the peak forward. Golf shoes or any athletic shoes without spikes while on the golf course.  Inappropriate Golf Course attire includes: Jeans of any kind, gym shorts, track / sweat suits, beach wear, ripped or frayed clothing of any kind. Shoes with metal cleats or spikes, or Crocs. Appropriate Clubhouse attire includes: Collared shirts and mock-neck shirts. Shirts must be tucked in at all times unless the style of the shirt dictates otherwise. Golf slacks, golf shorts, jeans. Inappropriate Clubhouse attire includes: Ripped or frayed Jeans or clothing of any kind, gym shorts, track / sweat suits, beach wear. Shoes with metal cleats or spikes. If you are unsure about your attire, feel free to speak to the Director of Golf at your Club for further direction.


ClubLink courses are soft spike only. This policy reflects our ongoing effort to provide you with the best possible course conditions. Please make every effort to communicate this policy to your guests.


All Florida Clubs are cart mandatory properties. In conjunction with the rental a golf cart, the driver/renter of the cart accepts that he or she will operate the cart in a safe manner, will adhere to all rules set forth by the Club and/or ClubLink, and accepts complete liability for any damages to the golf cart or personal property. The driver/renter voluntarily agrees and accepts the risks of using a golf cart, and on behalf of the driver/renter, any passengers in the cart, any personal representatives and heirs hereby voluntarily release ClubLink its owners, officers, employees, and agents from any and all claims, actions, causes of actions, suits, judgments that may in any way or manner arise out of use of the golf cart. It is strictly forbidden that a minor or any individual without a valid driver’s license operate the golf cart. The driver/renter of the golf cart will return the golf cart to the locally designated return area, not leave the golf cart in the car parking lot and for further safety will have possession/control of golf cart keys if the golf cart is ever left unattended.


It is important to understand what is an appropriate pace of play, and not to generalize or suggest that a standard round at every club equate to 4 hours. We follow an objective to rate by time, how long it should take a foursome to play each hole at the respective club. By rating each hole, we can formulate an appropriate pace of play for the front and back nine (the pace of play for a front nine and back nine often differ). The resulting pace of play for eighteen holes will often exceed four hours. More consistent course playing times can be achieved with a greater pace of play awareness. The Starter and Play Coordinators facilitate this awareness. Please refer to the Time Pace Chart for an example of how pace of play can be affected by time allowed to complete holes.


All rain checks will be a dollar value based on the amount the customer paid for their round. Rain checks are issues based on the following:

0-4 Holes Played – 100% rain check credit
5-11 Holes Played – 50% rain check credit
12+ Holes Played – 0% rain check credit

*Rain checks are valid for three months from the day of issue. After three months they will be automatically expired.
The rain check only applied on green fees or green fee/cart bundles. Therefore power cart only or TravelLink fees are not eligible.
Rain checks will be valid to Daily Fee, GolfNow, Booking Engine, Corporate Event, Wholesaler, CL Card, Member-Guest, Hotel Partner and CanAm.


Cell phones are permitted on ClubLink courses and in clubhouses. Members and Guests are encouraged to exercise discretion of use such that golfing/dining experiences are not diminished for other Members and Guests.


Always check in with the Golf Shop prior to using practice facilities. Always obey signage stay within teeing ground space provided and only hit in the direction of provided target areas.


Members are expected to enter their scores on the day of play for each round in the Golf Shop Handicap computer or via the Golf Association of Florida or GHIN (Golf Handicap and Information Network) website to keep their handicap current. If there are questions regarding scoring or the rules of golf, please see the Professional Staff at the club for assistance. 


Members and guests are strictly prohibited from bringing their own alcohol onto a ClubLink property in accordance with all applicable liquor licensing regulations. Outside food and beverages are not allowed to be brought inside the clubhouse and in the pool area. For special occasions such as birthday’s we do allow a store bought cake or cupcakes. We can also supply a specialty cake with notice. If you have a special request please let us know ahead of time.


To make our golf courses enjoyable for all, the following policy will be enforced at all times.

No Member or Guest owning or having custody, care or control of a dog shall allow the dog to be on the golf course, on or off leash. If your dog is a designated service dog, you must have your paperwork with you.


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